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So, why aren’t you using video in your business yet?

It could be not knowing the technology, not sure what to say, or just plain old fear of the camera (it’s totally normal!)

For me… it was fear.

A few years ago I began to realise that apart from the big brands, almost every single purchase I made online was because I felt connected to the real person behind the business or service… by watching a video.

Every time I bought a course, or coaching, or a new product I’d never tried, or even fun new artwork for my office… it started by watching a video.

So I decided it was time to start making videos for my own business….

But the first video I ever made I was terrified. I was shaking so hard the entire video shook and became unwatchable. But I practised, I learned, I took the courses, and I kept going.

In the years since I’ve made thousands (yep, thousands) of videos… I’ve made every mistake you can make with video, and I’ve learned and grown from my mistakes. I refined my video process and learned how to truly connect with my audience via video.

This has led to hundreds of thousands of video views, multiple six figure earnings in my business, and hundreds of clients and customers. All from simple videos where I get to just turn on the camera and be me.

Videos I made years ago still bring me daily views and new email subscribers and regular customers.

Video was way more powerful than I ever could have imagined.

Most online biz owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs are starting to feel that pull to connect to their audience through video.

The internet is an increasingly noisy place. It gets harder and harder to create a relationship with your potential customers, or to even have them notice you amongst all the emails and ads and messages they are bombarded with daily.

Video cuts through that noise.

When your audience watches a video of you, they feel like they are having a REAL conversation with a REAL person. It creates an immediate sense of connection and they actually hear what you have to say.

So you’ll be relieved to know you no longer need to find the “perfect copy” and the most persuasive words. You simply need to show up on video, chat your message, and you’ll have an audience that hears you, remembers you, and decides to take the next step to become a client or customer in your business.

Video helps your audience move from stranger, to follower, to fan,
to customer in a smooth, natural and authentic way.

So if video is that amazing (and it is!) why don’t more people use video?

  • 1


    “I’m terrified and awkward talking to a camera”

  • 2

    Lack of Knowledge

    “How come other people’s videos look so great and mine look like they were filmed by a kindergartener?”

The truth is, both of these are VERY easy to overcome.
It just takes a willingness to learn, access to info, and a safe space to practice.

That’s where Light It Up Video Marketing comes in…

Light It Up Video Marketing provides both the training and support you need to:

  • Be able to make short, simple videos that cut through the noise online and connect to your ideal audience.
  • Get comfortable turning on a camera and just being yourself.
  • Finally, be able to successfully market in ways that feel like you, without having to resort to manipulation and tactics.
  • Reach your audience in a way that is fun for you AND them.
  • Regain time in your life as you focus your efforts into the ONE THING that will have the biggest impact on all areas of your business. Video will allow your audience to get to know you, your work and hear your message with an open heart as they see you as a REAL person.

Light It Up Video Marketing is your one stop shop for all things video. We help coaches, online entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, thought leaders, and other awesome people learn how to share their message and grow their business with video.

You will learn how to use video in a way that’s fun, light and low tech… while still having a big impact on your bottom line.

No matter where you are on your video journey, you can learn to create videos that represent you well, that spread your message and that help people move from stranger, to follower, to fan, to client or customer in a smooth and powerful process…. All while just being yourself!

I'm Ready

What does Light It Up Video Marketing include?

At Light It Up Video Marketing our aim is to help you move forward powerfully so you can learn and grow as you go. Our membership training site is packed full of courses to help you learn all the ins and outs of video making and marketing.

We don’t bog you down with a giant course you have to slog your way through before you can start to see the benefits of what you’re learning. Our community members often make sales in their businesses with their first few videos, so you can get the benefits while you’re still learning.

We help you apply, practice, and get out there with your videos while you learn and refine your technique through the courses.

The membership training site has dozens of courses, DIY challenges, workshops and prompts.


Each course is broken into short, digestible videos (typically about 3 to 6 minutes long) to allow you to learn as you go. You can pick something you want to learn, such as editing, and work through the course in an afternoon. We supply helpful checklists and resources so you can begin to apply what you are learning immediately.

This facilitates natural learning that is part getting the right knowledge and part practical learning.

We update our courses and add new ones regularly to keep up with the ever changing online video world.

Just some of courses include:

Editing: Learn to make videos that represent your brand and business well, and trigger engagement with your audience.No fancy software needed - I teach you both free and paid options.

Video Structure: Learn how to create engaging videos that help your audience create a strong connection with you.

YouTube: Learn how to bring new people to your videos and optimise your channel to grow an ongoing traffic source for your business.

Strategy: Learn how to use video in a strategic way to move your audience through the relationship process and into your business in a smooth and connected way.


At Light It Up we are all about helping you continue to move forward on your video path. We provide a couple of ways to move through the site so you can get the help that suits you and your learning style best.

You can either dip in and out of the courses by grabbing the knowledge you need when you need it OR

If you like direction and a clear path to follow we provide Roadmaps through the courses. This allows you to move through your learning in a directed way, building one skill at a time.

The Roadmaps will take you from total video newbie to polished video creator.

Challenges and Workshops

One of the best ways to learn is through practice. This allows you to not just take in the information, but apply everything you are learning “in the wild”. Our challenges will lay out specific tasks for you to take to kickstart your video habit, “go public”, or build momentum. These can be done at your own pace, or with our community.

Our workshops allow you to ask questions and refine your techniques.


One of the biggest fears facing new video creators is… what if I run out of things to say?? While we have a course on creating your own topics, we also provide a large prompts library for our members so you never have to worry about coming up with topics. Our prompts are designed to help your audience get to know you, your business, and your message.

The Community

With Light It Up Video Marketing’s active and vibrant community you never have to be alone on your video journey.

Our private community will give you the support you need to keep moving forward on your path. It comes in the form of private feedback while you learn to create your videos, public comments so you never have to experience “crickets” when you post a new video, and group live challenges and workshops to keep you moving forward.

Our community helps you to not just create videos, but to have fun in the process!

We’ve helped coaches, consultants, course creators, authors, and hundreds of other business owners, just like you, learn how to create simple, fun videos that connect to their audiences and help them turn fans into customers.

We’ve seen people making sales in their business from the very first video they’ve shared. We’ve seen people book up their discovery call calendar, and book clients directly without even needing discovery calls. We’ve seen them get speaking gig offers and make new partnerships from their videos. And we’ve seen them ditch old marketing practices when video outperformed everything they were doing before.

We’ve taught our members not just how to make great video, but how to structure them, how to build them into an overall business strategy, how to build their audience, and how to turn their videos into paying customers.

Ready to start using video in your business?

When you join Light It Up Video Marketing today you get immediate access to everything in the membership training site and Community: all the courses, the Roadmaps, the Workshops and Challenges, the Prompts, and the support in the Facebook Group.

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Join today for just a $200 join fee, and $35 per month for ongoing membership, new courses, workshops and challenges, updated training, continued support, and more.

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What are Light It Up Video Marketing Members saying?

  • When I started making videos, it was so hard! It took too long to set up and I would get frustrated and not actually make videos the way I wanted to. After joining Light It Up, I started making videos consistently and I've been invited to present at a conference for entrepreneurs! The conference host saw my videos and invited me to speak about authentic marketing. Through Light It Up, I'm making videos for my own business and also teaching others how to be more authentic and grow their business. What a dream!
    Terra Milo TerraMilo.com
  • Before Niamh's video challenge and LIUVM, I struggled keeping up with a traditional blog for my business, Nest Happy.  Now, I am comfortable and almost addicted to using video in my business.  Implementing video has completely transformed my day-to-day activities, as its an incredibly efficient and fun.  I've gained more reach as video has made me confident and "an expert" in my fleld, and also opened up doors for speaking engagements and most recently a successful podcast episode.  My list has grown and I'm about to launch video courses.  Its all very exciting and I'm so happy to have the incredibly supportive LIUVM community and tools in the membership site by my side.
    Sarah Hembree Ramos Nest Happy
  • Creating videos "Niamh Arthur style" has changed my life! My videos are alive and authentic, they are a vital part of the branding that I now use in sharing my work. I am comfortable posting videos and I use this skill set in many aspects of my business. Not only was I able to sell my ceramic art work, but I was able to explain processes and visually present an in-depth expression of what the various products looked like. It has become a part of my communication with clients which is invaluable!
    Diane Mathias Artist and teacher
  • I’ve put 4 public videos out on Facebook and Youtube and my audience has been EATING THEM UP… I’ve really been surprised! So grateful for everything you’ve taught us. And I love how easy, breezy you are about things. You make the process so much less intimidating.
    Michelle Caskey Homeschool Blogger
  • I’ve connected with so many amazing people as a result of your work. I also posted the 3rd episode of my VLOG less than 24 hours ago and thanks to your tips on FB videos in the program, I’ve had well over 300 views already and awesome engagement. Thank you soooooo much. I’m beyond grateful to be a part of this awesome community and to be learning all the amazing stuff you teach.
    Vanessa Naja Teacher, Dancer, Coach
  • I just want to share with you that after my most recent video I just got my first client. This is my second week of consistent videos... go for it as video marketing works.
    Ilona Machj Magic of Life

Isn’t it time you put your marketing efforts into the one thing that will have the biggest impact with your audience so you can reclaim your time freedom and let go of the drudgery of your business?

Isn’t it time you learned how to relax and just be YOURSELF on video?

Isn’t it time you help your audience move from stranger to follower to customer as a natural progression by getting to know you, your work, and your message through your videos?

Isn’t it time you allowed your audience to to hear your sales messages with an open heart and focused on how you can actually help them (rather than trying to avoid being “sold” by persuasive copy”)?

Isn’t it time YOU used video in your business?

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I want to use videos to make courses, how will Light It Up Video Marketing help me? +

That’s great! Online courses are a wonderful way to capture your skills and abilities and reach larger audiences with your work.

In Light It Up Video Marketing you will learn how to create “screen capture” videos, where you can share your screen to present your work. You will also learn how to create multi-media videos that mix videos that show your face talking with screen capture videos to give your students a more engaging experience.

Our editing section will help you up the quality of your course videos and create an “on-brand” look and feel.

Our upcoming course on using a video series to launch a course will show you how to create momentum and start your course off with a bang.

I want to do livestreaming videos (like Facebook live), how will Light It Up Video Marketing help me? +

Perfect timing! We have a challenge in LIU all about Facebook Live. You’ll be able to practice your Live video skills in a totally safe space, while learning about how to grow connections and the differences between live and recorded videos.

We also have a full livestreaming course available in our course library.

Our “first take” ethos at Light It Up Video Marketing will help you practice going with the flow in your videos, which lends itself perfectly to livestreaming.

I don’t have a business yet, how will Light It Up Video Marketing help me? +

Figuring out what you want to do or how you want to use your skills and abilities to create an income is such an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming. Light It Up Video Marketing can help you create clarity and build an audience while you are waiting to finalise your plans going forward.

Our Play Prompt library will help you practice your video skills while asking yourself deep and insightful questions. They will help you design your message and figure out what you really want out of your work.

When you have even a rough idea of the topic you want to focus on you can begin to create public videos and grow a YouTube channel so you will have an interested audience ready to go when you are ready to start your business.

We will help you hit the ground running!

I’m a coach, how will Light It Up Video Marketing help me? +

We have several life, nutrition and health coaches in our community who have been booking new clients (and even their first ever clients) with their videos. Video allows you to cut through the noise in a busy industry and create genuine connections with your target audience.

You can use video to allow people to get to know you, learn from you, and decide to become your client or customer… often without needing to do a whole bunch of discovery calls.

Our strategy course will help you lay out a plan for your videos and our YouTube course will allow you to grow a channel for new potential clients to find you!

I sell art or physical products, how will Light It Up Video Marketing help me? +

We have several artists, network marketers, and ecommerce entrepreneurs in our community who have been successfully selling their products via video.

Your videos can help your audience see your products in action via demos and behind the scenes looks. Your audience will get to know the real person behind the brand, creating loyalty and word of mouth marketing.

You will learn how to reach your audience with your videos and create livestreams to help your audience get to know you and your products.

Am I able to pause my membership? +

Our aim is to create a powerful and connected community who are committed to supporting each other and moving forward together on the journey. So as to not let the community down we don’t offer the facility to pause membership. We do understand that life sometimes happens and you are welcome to cancel your ongoing membership at any time. To come back you would need to join as if you were a new member and pay the relevant join fee.

Is there a minimum commitment period? +

No. You can cancel your ongoing membership at any time.

What if I change my mind, is there a refund policy? +

Yes! We offer a 7 day refund policy. You can cancel at any time within 7 days of joining and we will refund your full join fee.

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